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Option 1 - Self Guide (I hour)

  • Employee completes the Lifestyle Insights assessment.
  • The Lifestyle Insights Report and Quick Reference Guide are provided to help them get started.

Option 2 - Group Facilitation (1-2 hour)

Includes Lifestyle Insights assessment, Lifestyle Insights Report, Lifestyle Insights Quick Reference Guide and in addition the employees are guided through the Lifestyle Insights Workbook which can be used along with any existing wellness or health promotion program.

Option 3 - One-On-One Guidance (2 hour session)

A Lifestyle Insights professional will guide the employee through the Lifestyle Insights Report, Quick Reference Guide, Workbook, and Lifestyle Insights Action Plan in a private coaching session.

Option 4 - Comprehensive Program/Seminar (4 hour program/seminar)

Includes Lifestyle Insights assessment, Lifestyle Insights Report, Quick Reference Guide, Lifestyle Insights Workbook, Lifestyle Insights Action Plan, and in addition, a Personal Energy Management Program that will help employees take charge of their wellness.

Option 5 - In-House Training Program

We will train "trainers" within your organization to become the experts and deliver the programs to the organization. Includes training on the Lifestyle Insights assessment, Lifestyle Insights Report, Quick Reference Guide, Lifestyle Insights Workbook, and Lifestyle Insights Action Plan.

Program Add-Ons

  • Take-Home Program & Remedies List for employees
  • Options for implementation in satellite offices and off-site employees, including Webcasts, remote location workshops, etc. Determined upon company's resources and desired implementation
  • Quarterly corporate health & wellness newsletter for all employees - available for electronic or hard copy distribution
  • Monthly Lunch & Learn seminars on health and wellness topics
  • On-site Wellness Extravaganza for employees
  • Incentive program assistance



  • Worksite Wellness Coaches
    • Lifestyle Insights
  • Health and Wellness Events
  • Physical Fitness and Nutritional Awareness Workshops & Seminars
  • Health Promotion and Support Services
  • Health and Fitness Referrals
  • Books/Videos
    • Access to health related books, videos and DVD's library
  • Electronic Communication
    • Tips sheets, articles, and resource guides
  • Seminars and Informational Workshops, including but not limited to:
    • Lifestyle Insights
    • Posture/Back Pain
    • Time Management
    • Weight Management
    • Personal Relationships
    • Lifestyle Issues
    • Stress Management
    • Fitness Goals
    • Nutritional Awareness
    • Sleep Habits
    • Personal Development
    • Self-Esteem
    • Communication
    • Attitude
    • Professional Development
    • Career Management

Note: A menu of additional healthy lifestyle services is available upon request.

Find out more about PFS Technology and TTI Technology

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