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Lifestyle Insights is a guide to self discovery. It helps identify what motivates YOU for a healthy lifestyle! The most successful people are those who know themselves. The Lifestyle Insights Tool is the first, simplest and most valuable approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Insights was designed for:

  • Business Environments
  • Personal Relationships
  • Sports Programs
  • Health/Wellness Programs

Why Bring Lifestyle Insights into your Workplace?
  • Manage workplace stress and anxiety
  • Improve performance, creativity and morale
  • Improve teamwork and relationships between departments
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Increase awareness of energy expenditures at work

Computer-Generated Report (View Sample) If you want to understand more about the technology behind the Lifestyle Insights Report, check out our TTI Technology Page.

It takes less than 10 minutes to respond to the Style Analysis Instrument – a short questionnaire answered from your own self-awareness. Based on your responses, a personalized computer-generated report details:

  • General Characteristics
  • Keys to Collaborating and Motivating
  • Dos and Don’ts on Communicating
  • Strengths
  • Hindering Factors
  • Ideal Environment
  • Action Plan
  • Formulate strategies for success within an easily understood and proven system.

Create Personal Wellness in All Areas of Your Life
The Lifestyle Insights Tool is a behavioral approach to a healthier lifestyle. People are unique and must be supported in a way that capitalizes on their uniqueness. Lifestyle Insights allows the individual to understand their behavior, and create a personalized program with techniques and strategies to meet individual needs, which provides critical information on how to effectively take care of oneself.

This is the ONE tool that helps you discover and remedy the common obstacles standing between you and your lifestyle goals.


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